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   Rules and Regulation

1. 3 Rods maximum to be used per angler - simple hook and leadcore 70cm minimum.

2. Braided mainline is allowed but leadcore must still be used.

3. Unhooking mats must be used at all times.

4. landing nets must be a minimum of 90cm.

5. All baits ( seeds and nuts ) must be cooked.

6. All fish cought in daylight must be returned immediatly.

7. All fish cought at night must not be sacked more than 10 hours.

8. Grass carp and stirgeon must be returned immediatly day or night. (no sacking of these fish)

9. Tents and bivvys must be green in colour.

10. Alway close the gate behind you.

11. Toilets must be left clean after use.

12. Your peg must be left clean on your departure.

13. When driving around the lake please be as discreet as possible.

14. Respect the border and boundaries of your peg.

15. Respect other anglers.

16. Any visitors must park there vehicle on the carpark and walk to your peg.

17. No visitors vehicles are allowed on or around the lake.

18. Your vehicle must not be used to transport friends around the lake.

19. No marking fish of any kind to take place.

20. No fires on the ground.

21. No cutting down of trees or branches.

22. Dogs must be on leads at all times.

23. No bathing in the lake or river.

24. No using the river as a toilet.

25. All rubbish must be taken to the bins provided at the entrance.

26. No noise around or on the lake.

27. Breaking of any rules will lead to instant dismissle form the lake.



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